Surveillance, the Database State, Online Crime ... What Next?

WHAT:   An open meeting to celebrate FIPR's tenth birthday.

WHEN:   2:00-5:30pm, Tuesday 27 May 2008, followed by a reception.

WHERE:  JZ Young Lecture Theatre, Anatomy Building, UCL, Gower St, London WC1.


The Foundation for Information Policy Research was set up in May 1998
to bring together engineers, lawyers, economists, policy people and
others who are interested in the interaction between technology and
society. It has become the UK's leading Internet policy think tank.

On May 27th 2008 we will be celebrating our tenth birthday with a
conference at the JZ Young Lecture Theatre, University College London,
from 2:00 - 5:30pm, followed by a reception. The first two sessions
will discuss the big information policy challenges of the last ten
years, while the third may attempt some crystal ball gazing:

1. Surveillance, privacy and technology

The Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act, NHS databases, children's
databases, behavioural advertising.

Chair: Lord Phillips

Panelists: Caspar Bowden (Microsoft), Simon Watkin (Home Office),
Terri Dowty (Action on Rights for Children), Richard Clayton (FIPR)

2. Crime, consumers' rights and the law

IP enforcement, online contracts, the resolution of financial and
other disputes, service personalisation.

Chair: William Heath

Panelists: The Earl of Erroll, Ian Brown (OII), Roland Perry (e-Victims),
Nicholas Bohm (FIPR), Joris van Hoboken (IViR, the Netherlands)

3. The next ten years

What will be the interesting policy challenges as computers and
communication become embedded invisibly everywhere?

Chair: Baroness Miller of Hendon

Panelists: The Earl of Northesk, Nigel Hickson (BERR), David Howarth MP,
Tom Steinberg (mySociety), Ross Anderson (FIPR)

Admission is free to the public but space is limited.

Please register by sending email to < birthday2008 AT >