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Friends of FIPR

Since FIPR was founded in May 1998 its funding has come from a series of substantial contributions from corporate donors and a few wealthy individuals. We are now seeking donations to FIPR on a far wider basis:

What you pay: £25 per annum
What you get: Personal subscription1 to FIPR alerting service2
Invitations3 to FIPR meetings and parties
Warm glow of satisfaction from helping FIPR
  1. Although you are free to use the information provided, we ask that you do not further distribute emails received as a result of a personal subscription.
  2. The alerting service is delivered by email. It will draw your attention to events, announcements, consultations and news stories relating to the policy arenas where FIPR operates. We also operate a low volume announcement list for events and other important notifications.
  3. Some FIPR meetings will remain free to attend, whereas for others a fee may be charged. It is also intended to hold at least two social events or "parties" per year where you will have the opportunity to meet other "Friends of FIPR".

Although FIPR operates in a very 'high tech' world, we are currently collecting donations in a rather traditional way.

Please send your cheque made out to The Foundation for Information Policy Research to:

Richard Clayton Friends of FIPR 66 Huntingdon Road CAMBRIDGE, CB3 0HH United Kingdom

Please tell us:

  • Your name
  • Your address and postcode
  • The email address for the alerting service
  • The email address for announcements (if different)
  • and, since some people use special addresses for mailing lists, an appropriate email address for us to use on the rare occasions we may need to contact you for administrative reasons.

You will receive a prompt acknowledgement by email.

If you have any questions then please write to

FIPR will never share your contact details with any third party.

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